Thursday, January 19, 2012

the little things

Liberty being such a great helper to her sister & brother.
Watching the girls play school together/read books/dolls/doctor
Liberty thinking that she is the Mommy to Kennedy & Gavin (AKA bossing them around)
Kennedy being so loving and concerned to Liberty whenever she gets hurt OR in trouble
Gavin's sweet smile ever morning when I get him
Liberty trying to sing along to every song on the radio
Kennedy feeding her puppy dog toy
Liberty reading to her baby dolls
Gavin's loving personality
Seth giving the girls a bath & playing the guitar for them
Seth always singing songs to the girls before bed
Seth buying me flowers just for no reason
Seth always knowing how to make me laugh
Meeting up with old friends and having conversations like you were never apart
I just feel feel like I have so MANY things to be grateful for I should write it down
Being baptised in the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.The gift of the holy ghost. A loving Heavenly Father that I can rely on, and talk to at all times through Prayer,where would I be without that gift of constant communication. Probably lost! For reals. I love being able to let it all out and start anew the next day ready to try a little harder to do better.
oh I'm just babbling now.
It is the little things in my life that make it so great!

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